Avi Schaefer and T’fila B’shira Shabbat

Baked sesame chicken
Hummus and carrots
Green salad
Sautéed peppers and onions
Brown rice

Cookie/brownie pie

Gluten free brownies

The Avi Schaefer Shabbat Program is an annual event in cooperation with Hillel’s and Jewish student groups across North America to bring together students on campus for a communal meal and a shared conversation incorporating at least one of the three areas of interest outlined below while commemorating the life of Avi, one remarkable individual who made a a difference.

The Avi Shabbat program should further these core-values in one of the following areas of interest:

  1. Promoting open and respectful discourse within the Jewish community, specifically surrounding conversations about Israel
  2. Fostering interfaith understanding and cross-cultural encounters
  3. Engaging with students on all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (designing a Shabbat that focuses on Israel with students of all political view points on campus, including those of all faiths and backgrounds).