About Dartmouth College Hillel

Dartmouth Hillel seeks to promote a welcoming community to all those who identify with or are interested in Judaism. Hillel is dedicated to providing resources to help students express and explore Judaism on campus; it strives to engage students of all observance levels through religious, cultural, social, and educational programming.

Hillel offers programs for all of the major Jewish holidays.  There were many student-led services for the High Holidays, Hanukkah and Purim parties, and first and second night Passover seders.

Hillel’s weekly events include our General Meetings on Mondays, Jews and Java at the Dartmouth Bookstore on Wednesday afternoons, Freshmen Only dinners and activities on Thursdays, Friday Night Shabbat Services and Dinner, and Bagel Brunch on selected Sundays. Check out the calendar to see what events are coming up.

Dartmouth Hillel  takes pride in its ability to give back to the community. Working closely with the Haven (a non-profit organization providing emergency shelter, food, clothing, and educational programming to those in need in the upper valley) Dartmouth Hillel strives to practice “Tikkun olam” or “healing the world.”


challah two

History of Dartmouth Hillel

Since opening in November 1997, the Roth Center has provided a home and a sense of family for Dartmouth students and Upper Valley Jewish community. For students, the Roth Center is open 24 hours (very important during finals!), providing students a quiet, relaxing place to study and oftentimes snacks as well! Many students also teach children in the Religious School. Hillel and the UVJC have collaborated successfully on religious and academic programs to the benefit of both communities and continue to build a relationship through various events.


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