How many Jewish students attend Dartmouth College?

There are roughly 400 Jewish students at Dartmouth, or about 10% of the total student body.

I’m thinking about applying to Dartmouth and would like to visit campus.

Fantastic! If you are considering coming to Dartmouth, we highly encourage you to visit campus and get a taste of student life here. In addition to your official Dartmouth campus tour, stop by Hillel to meet with students and staff to learn more about Jewish life in particular. We can also try to arrange student hosts for prospective students who want to see what the day-to-day life for a student is like. Check out Dartmouth’s Undergraduate Admissions page for more information.

I’m interested in deepening or exploring my connection to Judaism.

Because our Hillel is entirely student-directed, the opportunities for interested students to get involved and explore their connection to Judaism are virtually limitless.
We also enjoy a close relationship to Dartmouth’s Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language Programs, and encourage students to explore those course offerings.

What is Hillel’s connection to Israel?

Currently, Dartmouth Hillel leads a Taglit-Birthright trip every Winter break. If you are a Jewish student between the ages of 18-26, you may be eligible for the free trip. To learn more check out Taglit-Birthright Israel .

How do I join Hillel?

You don’t! Dartmouth Hillel has no formal membership. Our Hillel isn’t an organization that students belong to – Hillel belongs to them…

What if I’m not “that” Jewish? Is there a place at Hillel for the non-religious?

Absolutely! The majority of programs offered every week are non-religious including Jew Croo, Jews and Java, Brunches and Monday meetings. Even Shabbat and services are casual, you could show up in jeans!

What if I’m not Jewish?

Although some of Hillel’s programs are intended primarily for Jewish students, we strive to meet the needs of the entire campus community. Non-Jewish students are also welcome to become involved in the planning of events, and can run for a student board position just like anyone else.

Additonally, many Jewish students bring their non-Jewish friends to a program or Friday night Shabbat dinner to be a part of what Hillel has to offer to the campus community. Some programs may be limited to Jewish students only based on the organizers parameters for involvement, such as Taglit-Birthright Israel.

Is it okay to just come for dinner without going to Shabbat services beforehand?

Yes! Many students attend dinner without attending a service before. We encourage anyone interested to come to dinner on us every Friday of the term—no services, RSVP, or suit required.

What should I wear to services or dinner?

You are welcome to dress as you like – some students arrive for services or dinner directly from class and are comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt while some students may choose to dress in slightly formal clothing.

Who leads services?

Like everything else at Dartmouth Hillel, services are led by students. Normally, one or two students lead services, and another student gives a short D’Var Torah. More information is on our Shabbat Page.