Roth Center

The Roth Center is home to a kosher kitchen, which is open to be used by anyone who demonstrates an ability and knowledge to keep it kosher. The kitchen is also where all student-prepared Shabbat dinners are cooked, and where many a late-night study snack has been whipped up.

The Pavilion


The Pavilion at FOCO.

The Pavilion is a kosher dining option conveniently located within the main dining hall on campus, The Class of 1953 Commons (affectionately called “Foco”). Overseen by Rabbi Safra of Tablet K, the Pavilion provides meat and pareve kosher favorites during the school year.

Every year, the Pavilion is kashered for Passover over Spring Break. Over Passover, the Pavilion operates a KFP kitchen serving meat and pareve meals. The Pavilion also extends its hours of operation to cover Shabbat meals throughout the holiday.