Hillel and Tucker Staff

Dartmouth Hillel Staff

Claudia Palmer

Claudia Palmer
Claudia Palmer

Claudia, our “Hillel mom”, has been at Hillel for nearly twenty years! She performs the usual clerical duties surrounding a busy office, ordering supplies, and taking care of the Roth Center. As any Hillel student knows however, she does much more than this–whether helping students organize events, inviting them into her home for Claudallah (the perfect combination of Claudia and Havdallah), or just helping students through what’s on their minds, Hillel would not run the same way without her.

Claudia’s favorite time is when students come in to talk, be it about an idea for a program they would like to see Hillel offer, or questions about a different program already in place. But her personal favorite is when they just come in to chat!

During her time years here, Claudia has accumulated hundreds of postcards on her walls (and at least as many more for which she does not have enough wall space) from all the amazing places that Dartmouth Hillel students visit. She’s grateful that in their busy schedules, they find the time to send her a note about the grand times they are having all over the world. Hillel is a remarkable group of students that keep Claudia’s job interesting and fun!

Feel free to come stop by whenever you’re on campus! Reach Claudia at 603. 646. 0410 or Claudia.L.Palmer@dartmouth.edu

Emma Wunsch

Emma Wunsch
Emma Wunsch
Manager, Donor Relations

Emma Wunsch, manager of donor relations, joined the staff of Dartmouth College Hillel in 2013; she produces brochures, writes thank you notes, supervises the production of the the Kol Koreh, and is responsible for many of Hillel’s mailings.

Emma can be reached at (603) 646-1288 or emma.l.wunsch@dartmouth.edu




Maia and Ruby (Hillel dogs)

Most days, gentle Maia, Claudia’s Golden Retriever, and Emma’s excitable Bernedoodle Ruby, are waiting for students to come and play!

Maia is a very chill dog.
Ruby has lots of love to share.

Tucker Center Staff

Rabbi Daveen Litwin was appointed to the position of Dean and Chaplain of the William Jewett Tucker Center at Dartmouth College beginning in August 2016. Dean Litwin is committed to open and inclusive doorways for students through the Tucker Center to explore the intersections of spiritual and religious practice, intellectual and philosophical inquiry, artistic and emotional exploration, and compassionate, ethical leadership. She is affirming and welcoming of all students, faculty and staff whether of a particular faith background, secular, seeking or questioning.

Dean Litwin can be reached at Daveen.H.Litwin@dartmouth.edu or through the Tucker Center at 603.646.3780